Yes or No fortune teller

Internet fortune telling "Yes-No" allows you to get an unambiguous answer to the question posed accordingly. According to one of the versions, this is a kind of modification of the "Head-Tails" fortune-telling, which has arisen relatively recently, while another version suggests that such fortune-telling appeared in Ancient Egypt. Fortune-telling "Yes-No" allows us to find out what the future has in store for us, and to decide on the adoption of this or that decision.

It can be used as many times as you like. The only limitation is the undesirability of asking the same question two or more times. If you are not satisfied with the answer received, or you considered it inaccurate, you need to try to guess later or formulate the question differently.

Of course, the majority will perceive this fortune-telling as entertainment. However, you should still try to resort to it only when you really need a reliable answer. The minimum of doubts is a condition that allows you to increase the number of miracles and magic in your life.

To obtain a prediction, one should ask something so that only two answers are possible - "Yes" or "No". Then you should click on the "guess" button. Each question will be answered correctly only once, so there is no point in asking the same thing a second time.

The "Yes-No" button, which is available on this page, is completely free, its use does not imply sending SMS and going through the registration procedure.